Exhibition & Event Venue

Atrium at Level 1

Situated at Level 1 of Grand Gateway 66 and 120 sq. m. in size, the atrium is a perfect site for holding large-scale functions and branding promotions. The natural light streaming in from the roof provides a warm and relaxing ambience for shoppers.

Outdoor Plaza at the Main Entrance Staircase (Area A on the floor plan)

Just outside the main entrance of Grand Gateway 66 is the 200 sq. m. plaza display area, located at the junction of Hong Qiao Road and Huashan Road. The busy flow of traffic and people creates a vibrant atmosphere, making the Plaza an ideal arena for street performances and promotional events.

Outdoor Plaza at Hongqiao Road (Area B-1 on the floor plan)

Another highly suitable event venue is the outdoor plaza at Hongqiao Road. The 70 sq. m. plaza provides plenty of space for promotions and displays.

Outdoor Plaza at Huashan Road (Area B-2 on the floor plan)

The outdoor plaza at Huashan Road, with a total area of 70 sq. m., is ideal for hosting static displays and small-scale functions.

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