Grand Gateway 66, at the junction of Huashan Road and Hung Qiao Road and above the Xujiahui subway station, is located at the commercial hub of Xujiahui, the southwest Shanghai urban center. Grand Gateway 66 is an interconnected complex comprising a shopping mall, office towers and residences with a total area of 400, 000 sq. m. Grand Gateway 66 Plaza is the shopping mall; Grand Gateway 66 Towers I & II, the development's office towers, with grade A office space; and Grand Gateway 66 Serviced Apartments, residences with guest services matching those of a Western-style hotel. Grand Gateway 66's unique style and elegance has made it a 21st century Shanghai landmark.

Shanghai Kong Hui Property Development Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Kong Hui Co.) is a foreign capital company principally owned and managed by Hang Lung Group Limited. Kong Hui Co. develops and manages multi-function property projects by combining high quality properties with international service.

Kong Hui Co. has been enthusiastically received by the local communities and received prestigious awards like the "Shanghai Top Ten Commercial Property Award", "Tax Trustworthy Corporation Award" and "Shanghai 20th Annual Right Preservation 3.15 Silver Pot Award." We also support the local community with cash contributions to charitable organizations.